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The Successful Transition

  • Attend the Open House
    At the end of summer, we have an open house for all incoming 7th graders. This is a great opportunity to get a schedule, tour the building and meet teachers, administrators, and support staff.

    Middle School is an exciting time and most students have fun and succeed in their classes. Students also like the new independence that comes with middle school. This is the first time when students get to work with multiple teachers and move independently through the school building.

    Ask for Help
    Our school has many support systems in place. Students and parents can get extra help from homeroom and team teachers, their grade-level counselor or administrator, and the school social worker to name a few. The key here is not to be afraid to ask for help.

    Learn Teachers’ Homework Policies
    Incoming 7th grade students are not usually accustomed to the homework demands in middle school. Often students lose points because they do not know and follow their teachers’ homework grading policies. Be sure to review all course syllabi and ask teachers for clarification when necessary.

    Use a Planner
    With the transition to junior high comes a higher demand for organizational skills. Students need to keep track of homework in multiple classes as well as tests, quizzes, and extracurricular activities. Students are provided with a planner at the start of each year to help with this. It is imperative that students use their planner to help them track day-to-day work as well as long-term projects.

    Stay Involved
    Just like in elementary school, parental involvement is directly linked to student success. Parents should stay in contact with teachers and help their child keep track of their homework and tests.