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Admission Criteria for ALC Schools and Programs
  • I am Pregnant or a Parent
  • I have been assessed chemically dependent and am now in recovery
  • I have fallen behind in satisfactorily completing course work or obtaining credits for graduation
  • I am at least two grade level below the performance level for students of the same age in a locally determined achievement test
  • I have been physically or sexually abused
  • I have been assessed for mental health problems and are receiving treatment
  • I have been homeless in the last six months
  • English is a Second language or I am limited English proficiency
  • I have been chronically truant
  • I have dropped out of school
  • I have not passed the required Basic Standards Test.
  • I am under 21 years in age
  • I have a referral from my home school/district

Admission Criteria for Special Education Referrals

Special Education students are best served in the traditional schools where comprehensive special education services are available.  If a student with an IEP is referred to one of the ALC secondary locations an IEP meeting at the referring school must take place.  The points outlined in the “Procedure for Referring Special Education Students to an ALC program” must be followed and an “ALC Special Education Referral Form” must be completed.  These forms are available from the Counselors and any of the ALC programs.  Please include a transcript of credits to be earned/completed at one of the ALC programs for the student to meet your schools graduation requirements if the student will be receiving a high diploma from the referring school.

Referral Forms

These forms are available from any one of the counselors at any of the ALC programs.  Also you can find the referral forms below. Please include a transcript of credits to be earned/completed at one of the ALC programs.

Special Education Referral Process

Alternative Education High School Referral