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Online Classes

Are you a motivated student and want to accelerate your learning? Would you rather work from home? Is there a class that you want to take, but it does not fit into your schedule? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, online classes may be a good choice for you.
Gordon Parks High School offers English, Math, Social Studies and Health in an online format. Students must be at school for only 20% of the class time, about 9 hours per class, and complete the rest of the class online.

Online classes are available to supplement your normal four classes at Gordon Parks High School. The computer lab is available for your use in fulfilling the class time requirement, and to assist you if you don’t have easy access to the internet.

Do I Need Internet Access?

If you don’t have a computer at home, be prepared to go to somewhere that does: a friend’s home, the library, or Gordon Parks High School.
Remember that the classes are considered quarter classes, and they cover about the same amount of material as the regular classes at Gordon Parks High School. The difference is that you have a lot more flexibility about when and where you complete the classes.

To Get Started…

Your counselor will check your learning plan to help you choose the appropriate class to get started. When you get your schedule, you will see the online class listed in the classes in periods 19 and/or 29. This option is open to Gordon Parks morning and afternoon students.

After You Register

Go to the computer lab, room 1102, and get your login information from Mr. Andresen. Mr. Andresen will give you an overview of the class, assist you to get logged in, and assist you to navigate the class.


To earn credit, you must attend class in the computer lab for 9 hours per class, and finish the assigned online class work before the end of each quarter.
It is best for students to log in and complete work every day. When a teacher notices that a student is inactive, the teacher will contact that student via phone, mail or email.

Students working online must be proactive. If you are having trouble accessing the class online, or you do not understand the material, please contact the teacher, or ask Mr. Andresen.

Plan on attending class in the computer lab at least once a week, so that you can check in with the teacher, check your progress, and get any help that you need. Students that are inactive for a week may be dropped.

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